Conference Agenda

The agenda for the day will look key issues in Residential Planning Markets

9.30am Chairman’s Welcome
  • Residential Planning in 2021, what has really changed?

Speaker: Roger Hepher, Director, HGH Consulting (Chair)

9.40am The Government Perspective on a new Direction of the Planning System
  • How does the Government see the levelling up white paper improving the planning system and what is the overall timeframe for the proposed measures?
  • What is new in Planning for Residential Development & where are the fundamental changes?
  • What is the timeframe for the new infrastructure levy?
  • What will the National Development Management Policies be?
  • What is the goal for digitalisation of planning?

Speaker: Joanna Averley, Chief Planner, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

10.00am What does ‘Levelling Up’ mean for planning?
  • Is this a practical evolution for the planning system?

Speaker: Ian Anderson, Executive Director, Iceni Projects

10.30am Public Sector Panel Session
  • How can Local Authorities have a modern professional approach to the Planning System that delivers Housing?
  • Where do Local Authorities stand on changes to the planning system proposed in the levelling up white paper?
  • What is the Local Authority view of mandatory requirements being imposed by Central Government?
  • How are local authorities approaching the local plan process and do we except it to increase housing delivery?
  • How can technology improve the system of the planning system?
  • How can we encourage positive engagement between the public and private sectors?

Speakers: Lisa Fairmaner, Head of London Plan & Growth Strategies, Greater London Authority,
Frances Summers, Senior Planning Policy Officer, Dorset Council,
Sarah Parsons, Head of Place and Design, London Borough of Waltham Forest,
Claire Kent, Leeds City Council TBC

11.30am Developer Contributions and the new Infrastructure Levy
  • The arrival of the new infrastructure levy – what can we expect, what will remain from the old system, and can we expect an uplift in delivery?
  • What remains for section 106 agreements?
  • What is a realistic timeframe for this to evolve?

Speaker: Iain Gilbey, Partner – Head of Planning, Pinsent Masons

11.45am Local Plans & National Development Management Policies (NDMPs) – what is happening to the decision making process for planning permissions and what is changing?
  • How are local authorities progressing with local plans and what is the timeframe for delivery?
  • How will NDMPs work with local plans and how will the proposed system work in practice?
  • What is the new interpretation of ‘material considerations’ when it comes to planning permission and could this make things more difficult for developers?
12.00pm With Climate Change moving to the top of the political agenda, how are sustainability and environmental targets affecting Residential Development Planning?
  • How is the planning system approaching embodied carbon, energy consumption and sustainability for new developments?
  • What is the impact of the Environmental Act 2021 on Planning?
  • How do we prepare for Biodiversity Net Gain and what will the requirements be? How do we plan strategically for future compliance?
  • Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) – how are these affecting new build developments and what are the requirements?
  • How have Nutrient Neutrality and Water Neutrality been affecting Residential Development across the UK and what can developers do?
  • What is the role of Natural England and their calculations and how can the issue be addressed to unlock much needed housing development?

Speaker: Claire Petricca-Riding, Partner – National Head of Planning & Environmental Law, Irwin Mitchell

12.25pm The Role of the Planning Inspectorate in the modern Planning system
  • How will the appeals system adapt to the Levelling up White Paper proposals?
  • Review Mechanisms & appeal strategies- Understanding the Planning Inspectorate approach
  • Are we expecting a new era of transparency?

Speaker: Rebecca Phillips, Group Manager, Planning Inspectorate

12.40pm The Key Planning Decisions from the Last Year
  • What significant Planning Appeal Decisions have there been & why are they significant?
  • Which Court decisions & Secretary of State Decisions which affect planning do we need to be aware of and why?
  • Which recent appeals and case law do developers and Local Authorities need to know about?

Speaker: Clare Fielding, Partner, Town Legal

2.20pm Developer Panel Session
  • How do developers feel about the new proposed changes from the levelling up white paper?
  • Are these viewed as an improvement?
  • How could future interaction and initiatives between Private and Public Sector Planners be advantageous to the process and understanding each other’s role?
  • How else can we break down Private & Public Sector barriers to improve the Planning Process?
  • How do Developers feel about new technology in the planning sector – is it key to modernising and simplifying the process?
  • Do developers see the new infrastructure levy as being better and more transparent than the current system?

Speakers: Andrew Taylor, Head of Planning, Countryside Properties,
Nick Cuff, Chief Commercial Officer, Pocket Living,
Emily McKenzie, Hill Residential,
Fiona Milden, Group Planning Director, Vistry Group,
Roger Hepher, Director, HGH Consulting (Chair)

2.50pm The levelling up white paper and the vital role of public engagement – how can technology allow communities to have a meaningful say on development in their local area?
  • How to engage all stakeholders in the planning process and build local support for housebuilding
  • What are the key elements of this process and what are the best ways to boost engagement?
  • Why is technology so important and how should it be used?
  • How do we reach the wider community, who support housebuilder, rather than a small minority who may not?
  • How do we establish a two way dialogue that identifies problems, and finds solutions?
  • What are the key factors when dealing with local politics as whole?

Speaker: Wyn Evans, Managing Director, Forty Shillings

3.15pm The Viability Session – The Leading practitioners take us through the key issues following the arrival of the levelling up white paper, and the infrastructure levy, which will change the system fundamentally.
  • Where are we with viability?
  • What will the proposals from the white paper, and viability being assessed at the local plan stage, mean for the system as a whole?
  • What does this mean for developers in the next 2-3 years and what steps should they take?
  • What does the new infrastructure levy mean for Affordable Housing?
  • How can values be set & negotiated and how and where can will it be delivered?
  • GDV values
  • How will the new infrastructure levy be collected and spent?
  • Infrastructure Delivery strategies – how will LAs be accountable for how the levy is spent?
  • How will the levy be distributed across the Country?

Speakers: Andy Leahy, Managing Director, Bespoke Property Group,
Robert Fourt, Partner, Gerald Eve,
Anthony Lee, Senior Director, BNP Paribas Real Estate

4.15pm Close of Conference
  • Join delegates & speakers for the National Resi Planning Drinks Reception 2022